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Home скачать видео уроки видео уроки по созданию музыки ВИДЕО УРОКИ ПО ДИДЖЕИНГУ- МИКШИРУЕМ МУЗЫКУ ASK Video - Cubase 5 tutorial Level 1 of 4 (Rus) -русскоязычный курс видеообучения
ASK Video - Cubase 5 tutorial Level 1 of 4 (Rus) -русскоязычный курс видеообучения
Производитель: ASK Video
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: русский
Special Thank`s за перевод PeterWood !!!
In Level 1 of this 4 part series we're going to take you through everything you need to know to get started.
We're going to start right at the beginning with setup, and taking a tour of the new interface.
All the basics will be covered - plus we'll start to dig into some advanced features.

If you're new to Cubase or want some help getting accustomed to the latest version, than this DVD is perfect.
It's also great for those advanced users out there that haven't loaded up a project in a while and need a quick refresher.
This DVD is perfect for all Cubase users!! It’s the next best thing to having the expert right there beside you.

With thousands of hours of seminar experience under his belt, Cubase Guru Steve Kostrey explains in a step by step,
easy to follow style, how to get the most out of Cubase 5.

About Steve Kostrey: Product specialist and clinician at Steinberg Canada from 1995-2005,
during which he has demonstrated every aspect and feature of Cubase at literally hundreds of clinics to thousands of musicians.
Steve shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with you in this DVD.
Все семь разделов ASK.Video.Cubase.5.Tutorial.Level.1. представлены в 7-и папках с главами:
01. Основные положения

1. MIDI Setup
2. Audio Setup
3. New Project
4. Tracks
5. Track Presets
6. The Transport
7. The Project Page
8. Tools 1
9. Tools 2
10. Customizing
02. Запись

11. Real or Virtual MIDI
12. MIDI Recording
13. VST Connections
14. Recording Audio 1
15. Recording Audio 2

03. Работа с лупами

16. Looping
17. Loop Recording 1
18. Loop Recording 2

04. Редактирование

19. Autoscroll
20. Snap
21. MIDI Editing
22. Audio Editing 1
23. Audio Editing 2
24. The Event Infoline

05. Микширование

25. The Mixer 1
26. The Mixer 2

06. Немаловажные детали

27. The Arranger Track
28. Key Commands & Macros
29. Workspaces
30. Virtual Keyboard

07. Как управляться с аудио

31. Managing Audio 1
32. Managing Audio 2


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